Gallery of the Night

Nichodemus von Buda’s Gallery of the Night

bluegallery1380BluegalleryBThe artistic endeavors and collection of the Dark Prince of Buda, donated to Thrift Land shortly after his graduation from high school and presumed ascension into the greater nobility of San Marcos.

Over time, the Gallery of the Night has expanded to fill well more than von Buda’s original 10’x12′ demesne, as additional pieces have been discovered that, we believe, would well fit the spirit of von Buda’s collection, and indeed, the spirit of the night.

An ongoing challenge: how to differentiate pieces that are merely high school art? High school art, by its nature, is dark. But von Buda’s collection isĀ Daaark. As in all such things a sincere dedication to the integrity of the collections in our care must be our guiding light.