Luminous Strokes: A Dabist Prospective

In 2015, a number of Austin’s more¬†avant-garde thrift galleries opened showings of an emerging new painterly school. This new style, led by artists like RLV, LCG, and the mysterious¬†“Karen,” combines elements of the Japanese style of Sumi-E, or Black Ink Painting, with the mastery of color of the modern grade school tempera art movement: a style that is stately, calligraphic, and passionate. Because of the signature broad, round brush technique, we have taken to calling this style the “Dabist” movement (not to be confused with the New Zealand/Australia “Daubist” movement, focusing on thick layers of paint and misappropriation.)

TAMONNATAOA is excited to be a part of this new school. Our curator has attended a number of Dabist exhibitions at Goodwill and The Salvation Army, and we will be collecting this work in a new display, “Luminous Strokes: A Dabist Prospective” opening this Winter.

Exhibition running through April, 2016