Shed 13


The Shed 13 Temporary Exhibit

As the renovation of The Austin Museum of Nearly New and Thrift Art of Austin continues into its third year, many spaces that we once considered sacrosanct—the coffee room, Mrs. Breeling’s sleeping nook behind the rear stairwell—are more transient than we had once thought was the case. This has in particular been the case with the Museum’s many storage sheds, which have been emptied out to serve as space for construction supplies, tools, and Mrs. Breeling’s sleeping nook. In some cases we have simply folded some of these unearthed materials into our existing artspace.

This is not the case with the contents of “Shed 13,” comprising images that “Beebee” Dayle declared “unfit for viewers of a delicate disposition of morals or a certain fragility of spirit.” However, in the interest of openness, of fresh perspective, and possibility of the hipster dollar, we will be opening up these paintings for a rare viewing and deweeviling in January of 2016, with apologies from the board.

From some of the board, at any rate.

Exhibition open through May, 2016

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