Saint In Two Acts (for Susan)

Saint In Two Acts (For Susan)
05/2011, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

Saint carries a faint tone of accusation, the subject wars a tired, weary mask. Implied in the title is a transition in time, or a second image, an after to Saint’s before, or vice versa. Is this world-weary face looking forward toward his own martyrdom, or has he already been assumed into the godly company?

Muted watercolor and a tentative, fragmented image suggests a work in progress, indicating that it is on its way toward completion—robes and a halo to be delivered upon payment. Sadly, there is no joy in this grim figure, only determination, resignation, and apathy.

A positive interpretation might be that all of us could become saints, but the tone of the piece doesn’t seem to sustain this reading.

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