(Lake Sunset)

0815RLVGWMetrDabLakeSunset1380b(Lake Sunset)
08/2015, Goodwill (Metric and 183)

Like many of his or her contemporaries in the Dabist movement, RLV plays with light and darkness, using black as a Japanese artist might to create bold strokes and lines that command the center of the stage. in this piece, the color elements are more muted, so that the light—even that of the setting sun—seems to lend a fading glow to the lake scene, emphasizing the gentle amber of dusk, but also heightening the growing darkness of the foreground. In this piece, one can sense the night more strongly, despite the transitional moment that balances day and night.  Other paintings in RLV’s school tend to use powerful color that often overwhelms their strong black brush strokes. Here, light and darkness embrace with the intimacy of lovers.

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