Looking Back

051315GW2222LookingBack2Looking Back
05/2015, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

In using the motif of a dragon, a creature associated strongly with power and, for all practical applications, immortality, the artist charges his piece with regret, nostalgia, loss. The subject is alien, even by the flexible standards of dragonkind. Tall and willowy, with sharp and strange wings, composed of shades of green that seem to blend into the mottled, green ground beneath him. His neck seems frail, and is bent at an angle that would challenge many reptiles.

A possible interpretation of this strange creature is that it is an avatar of the natural world, composed of flexible vines and leaves. The manner in which it blends with the earth beneath strengthens this interpretation. In that light, Looking Back may reflect an ancient creature’s meditation on a world that is passing—the verdant world to the industrial world, perhaps.


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