(Bridge at Night)

0815GWMetrBridge1-1380b(Bridge at Night)
Found 08/2015, Goodwill (183 and Metric)

While artist Rachel (RLV) influence on the growing scene of Dabist work in the Austin area has generally been regarded as minor, there is no doubt that her untitled (Bridge at Night) shows the form in its full development. The colors of leaf, flower, star, and sunset blend with each other in a chaotic, impressionist color field, with no line between the organic and cosmic. Firm black lines form the literal and figurative architecture of the piece, starkly superimposed over the riot of color behind them. It is as if the solid structural lines of the bridge, mankind’s handiwork in an otherwise entirely natural scene, form a kind of bulwark against the joyful chaos of the natural world.

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