(Landscape From Plane)

(Landscape From Plane)
Found 05/2015, Goodwill (183 and Metric)

In (Landscape) the artist skillfully captures an overhead view of the complex lines of an urban area with a long perspective image of the distant mountains and horizon, in one moment framing the natural and constructed. The lines of road and subdivision dominate the image, but only subjectively: the power and scale of the mountains and the horizon imply a world much larger than this little tract of land made tame and urban.

The overhead view of (Landscape), an image taken from perhaps a plane’s camera, distances and abstracts the roads on the ground, strange curves without a context (the image shows no buildings, no trees, no markings, and the roads and fields are disproportionately wide. This sense of distance and peculiar scale makes the roads into strange artifacts of unknown shape and purpose, more like the Nazca desert lines than a neighborhood with a culdesac and side streets.

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