2008 by Lisa
Found 09/2011, Savers (North Loop and Burnet)

The core conceptĀ for (Dancers) seems to have initially been a celebration of art: three graceful creatures caught in mid-motion. Intentionally or unintentionally, Lisa captures a dark forbodeing in the picture. The subjects seem to be pouring out of a portal in an act of invasion rather than performance, as if the viewer was in danger of attack. The repeated poses of two of the dancers add to this sense of invasion, repetition implying quantity.

Much of the threat of the picture comes from the strange faces of the dancers, hostile visagesĀ that have been partially blurred and smudged into angry anonymity. In giving the dancers incomplete faces, Lisa suggests their facelessness. Ballet dancers are, usually, assumed to be beauties, but Lisa’s subjects, who may or may not be beautiful of form, show their inner darkness clearly.

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