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Found 09/2011, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

There is no doubt that the emotions of (Drugs/Chaos) are powerful, but we are uncertain of what specific emotions KMN intended to convey. The riot of symbols of chaos at the right are at once celebratory and overwhelming. Interestingly, they are of the same size and weight as the human subject within the picture, and his long, distorted hand and arm, clearly bent to an inhuman angle, form a balancing point within the image, as if both sides are in a state of suspended conflict, or represent a choice. Though neither side seems healthy.

0911-2222DrugsChaos1380bThe human subject is in a state of despair, his (her?) face pockmarked, perhaps scarred, marred by both hard living and adolescence. His body is a caricature shaped by grief, complete with deep eyes and running mascara. Yet his relationship to the world of drugs is unclear. In all likelihood he uses them, as noted by the needle wounds in his arm. 0911-2222DrugsChaos1380cYet this may be an anthropomorphic representation of the concept of drugs—he is, after all, labelled—if so, perhaps rather than representing drugs and chaos as two concepts in conflict, they walk hand in hand.

We apologize for the low quality of our reproduction of this picture, it was framed with non-glare glass, which predictably glared.




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