(Bulbous Tree)

(Bulbous Tree)
Amali, Age 9
Found 12/2015, Goodwill (Round Rock on Palm Valley)

12-15GWRRLumptree1380bAmali has left us an unusual bit of trivia about (Bulbous Tree), the studio in which it was created: Painting with a Twist. This studio, along with Pinot’s Palette, heavily influenced the growing Dabist art movement of the 2010s, and this piece seems inspired by such Dabist masterworks as “Cherry Blossoms” and “Glowing Fireflies.

However, when seen from the eyes of a child, the clear dark lines and luminous strokes of Dabist nature painting become strange and surreal. What were colored highlights and the Dabist signature glowing fruit/flowers become weird and tumorous growths on a twisting tentacle of a plant. The overall effect of (Bulbous Tree) is an invasion by a slick and oily alien creature, studded with peculiar glowing orbs…and a birdie.

The Museum would not like to be the tiny purple sheep alone on this blasted alien landscape.


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