(Fairy Martini)

(Fairy Martini)
2005 by December Rose
Found 03/2012, Goodwill (South First and Slaughter)

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3-10-12GWS1stFairy4This elaborate confection of pencil, watercolor marker, leaded glass and glass beads evokes the decadence of a cabaret and the freshness of a spring morning after a rainstorm. The fairy subject sits in a martini glass—a drink she may have finished herself, since the olive is cast aside and balanced precariously beside her glass. Her position is as delicate as a soap bubble, only a willing leaf and sparkling fairy magic support her: the martini glass could easily break, like the shardwork that makes up her wings.

3-10-12GWS1stFairy3This brief, magical scene plays out at literally the end of the rainbow, which places the viewer persona in the role of a quest hero, who has finally reached the elusive rainbow’s end. Is this a charming fairy who represents his goal, perhaps a wish-granter? Or is the subject as impish as her sharp features suggest, a sneaky Unseelie pixie who just downed the Platonic perfect martini, to the disappointment of the questing lush?   We cannot know.

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