The Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee
Found 08/2015, Goodwill (183 and Metric)

A piece in a state of dynamic balance of two worlds: a world of night ruled by the moon over the mountains, and a reflected daytime world with a deep blue sky and a warm sun. The piece rotates around the rose, floating over the water, floating in the sky. The red rose, symbol of love, becomes the hub of the image, around which time and the world (day and night, land and sea) orient themselves. It is the center of all things.

The reverse side of the canvas has a short poem by William Mulchinock, which gives the piece its title:

The Rose of Tralee (~1840)
The pale moon was rising above the green mountain,
The sun was declining beneath the blue sea.
When I strayed with my love to the pure crystal fountain
that stands in the beautiful vale of Tralee.

She was lovely and fair as the rose of the summer,
Yet ’twas not her beauty alone that won me.
Oh no! ’twas the truth in her eyes ever dawning
That made me love Mary, the Rose of Tralee.

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