Cathy & Jay

Cathy & Jay
1970 by RRP
Found 12/2015, Texas Thrift (51st and I35)

“For Richer and For Poorer” is so much easier when your married lives together begin as Cathy and Jay’s do: patchy and unkempt, ragged, but still sacred. It is perhaps a good thing that there are no witnesses to this ceremony besides a sparrow, as Jay’s little red leggings are in need of a recrotching, and he seems to have at least one patch made of bacon, not an uncommon solution in times of want. Yet in simplicity, there is occasionally the transcendent. In this outdoor chapel the grass and trees forms a natural altar, a sparrow serves as choir. We do not see the couple’s hopeful faces, which may be for the best: if they are as ragged as we might guess from their clothes their teeth are likely to be a fright. If we are to guess their visages based on the celebrant priest, they have no eyes.

One thought on “Cathy & Jay

  1. Yet Kathy, as a woman, always romantic, seems to have shown up in her Sunday very best. Does she take Jay as he is, or is she planning the changes she’ll make?

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