(Ambiguous Plate)

(Ambiguous Plate)
Found 07/2011, Savers (North Loop and Burnet)

While decoupaged plate art is seldom photorealistic, (Ambiguous Plate) is enigmatic beyond that. Various theories have been floated by our staff and specialists: a gangster, a Hasidic Jew. A father, a mother. The use of plate as artistic medium, as well as the red checked fabric, create a domestic tone in the image, a nurturing character that would fill a platter with cookies. The mustache—in strange contrast to the full red lips—create a different character. In alchemical tradition, the sacred androgyne, often depicted as a symmetrical figure with qualities of both male and female. For a number of reasons we can  safely rule out alchemical symbolism in (Ambiguous Plate), but the subject of the piece is beatific and peaceful in its liminal gender.

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