(Sunset Horses)

0615NTNHorses-1380b(Sunset Horses)
Found 06/2015, Next To New (North Loop and Burnet)

We have long noted that few mediums capture the power and spontaneity of nature like black velvet painting. The vivacity and animation that a studio artist might painstakingly craft and redraft over months, the velvet artist can produce in 2-4 hours, usually for under $40. In this, their medium surpasses even the Renaissance masters.

Rene’s (Sunset Horses) captures three magnificent horses, briefly meeting at an anonymous, unknowable location. In what seems to be fundamentally a desert scene, likely a mesa. These creatures, so massive in our physical understanding of their breed, seem almost weightless in Renee’s realization. Against the fiery reds and yellows of the desert sky, they seem to float.


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