Found 02/2016, Goodwill (183 and Metric)

Besos deconstructs its subject in a manner much like the early surrealists, though in a manner more sympathetic to the female world. Identity and action are separated by strange, liquid lines of motion: the faceless form of Anna realized as art carries “besos,” or kisses. The photograph, mirroring her artist alter ego, is labelled “Anna.” In art, she acts on her id, naked and in a vague world of color fields, but faceless…ironic, in a painting titled “Kiss.”

Windows within windows, the smaller photograph captures a lively young woman. The art that surrounds it is more lively, yet it captures a creature so abstract as to be threatening. Ultimately, which is the true Anna: the creature of pure desire, or the somewhat restrained image caught in the photograph? Love, and art, liberates her.


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