(Hugh + Ella, On Your Wedding Day)

0216GWSlamBeach-1380b(Hugh + Ella, On Your Wedding Day)
“Dad,” 4/2013
Found 02/2016, Goodwill (South Lamar and Manchaca)

Little is known about the artist of (Hugh + Ella), reluctant even to sign his work. A brief dedication may be found on the reverse of the canvas: “For Hugh + Ella on your wedding day. Love you both. Dad.”

Dad’s colors are striking. While his subject matter is provincial (a couple holds hands on the beach, the sun sets, roll credits), his figures glow with a lambent aura, limned by setting sun—the sun, in fact, has already set, and the couple is the most radiant element of the piece. The two look toward the sunset, an epithalamium on their future. The couple seems to look both toward the sunset and to each other. Perhaps they are to be each other’s light.


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