(Blue Motion Field)

(Blue Motion Field)
Found 06/2015, Goodwill (Metric and 183)

Without descending to the freeform and spontaneous tricks of the action-painting school, (Field) captures a strong sense of motion that sets the artist apart from the Abstract-Expressionist movement that predates action painting. Its lines capture a feeling of circular flow, yet its muted color palette suggests serenity. Perhaps the picture reflects the gentle ripple of a still pond, reflecting the green and blue of tree, grass, and sky, or duckweed. The touches of red, a flower? Goldfish? The artist reflected in the surface?

It is worth noting that the classification of this piece is in some dispute, and our placement of (Field) in the broad and multiconceptual category of Abstract-Expressionism has been seen as something of a copout. Our appropriation of this piece was hotly contested by the Austin Found-Impressionism Gallery, who attempted to hide our cart and its contents in housewares. To her we say, “If it’s Impressionism, where’s the representational element? Hmm?” Anything could be Impressionism. Some people.


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