Neon Girl

Untitled (Neon Girl)
Found 11/2007, Savers (North Loop and Burnet)

11-07SvrsNGirl3One of the most disturbing elements of Untitled (Neon Girl) is the subject’s frightening, alien eyes. Much like a creature from a story out of H.P. Lovecraft, her strange doubled pupils suggest that she has gazed long into forbidden books—or has undergone the horrors of photoshop and been judged wanting.

In creating Untitled (Neon Girl) the photographer elevates the plain and everyday into the strange and unsettling. Checks and patchwork on her blanket become glowing colors and hallucinatory patterns, like crystals under polarized light or the green burn of an old monitor. The girl herself glows brilliantly, a phosphorescent outline against an artificial darkness. She is like a creature sculpted from neon—only her head retains any meaningful detail under the many filters and aftereffects she suffers.

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