Tinfoil Hat

(Tinfoil Hat)
Found 07/2007, Salvation Army (183 near McNeil)

A dark statement on the division and paranoia spread by the mass media in the modern world, Tinfoil Hat juxtaposes the innocent and the farcical. The central subject is an almost idealized house dog, a long-haired companionate creature—more than the working breeds, a spaniel with long, flowing fur speaks to the home, a dog never meant for hard labor or rough outdoor wear. The absurd and artificial aluminum dome is a striking contrast with the organic lines of the spaniel, “tinfoil hat” a near synonym for groundless fear and overreaction. The hat suggests antenna on a television set as well as antenna on an abstracted astronaut’s helmet; that a dog would participate in this nonsensical panic cheapens the dog. That a dog would be subjected to it, cheapens the culture.

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