Found 08/2012, Salvation Army (183 near Peyton Gin)

The strange landscape of Growth expresses a deep unease with the human body and its sexual characteristics, particularly with the changes the body undergoes through adolescence. The surging biological energy of sexual development is expressed here as a strange alien growth, bursting forth into a strange world under the light of a distant star. Yet the foundation of this surreal world is grounded in our own biology, reflecting the shape and structures of a classic medical cross section of the human breast. Growth reflects the artist’s unease at the sudden and disturbing changes of the human body.

The anonymity of the artist of this piece raises a question—is this the work of a male or female hand? If the artist is female, the picture suggests her own struggle with her changing body. However, the Surrealist movement was a hostile one for women, a movement with few female participants that frequently dissected the female form in its artistic expressions. If this work is by a male hand, the image suggests an ambiguous view of the female form, a source of life, but a hostile and otherworldly subject.

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