The Yawn

Untitled (The Yawn)
Found 08/2010, Salvation Army (183 near Peyton Gin)

08-2010SA183Yawn3Captured in the golden light of dusk, a child gives a deep yawn. Untitled (The Yawn) is strongly influenced by the the Impressionist art movement, with short and intense brushwork, naturalistic lighting, and a strong sense of moment.

The strict two-dimensionality of the primary subject, the child, breaks him or her from the perspective of the rest of the image. If viewed literally, the child is seated on a patchwork quilt, but that quilt fades into a tapestry of fields and mountains, and within the picture, both are true. Even the child seems to fade into the background, hair becoming part of the slope of the horizon, a child becoming a mountain.

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