Dark Angel

Dark Angel
Found 06/2010, Savers (290 and South Lamar)

06-2010SaversSAngel3The deep reds of Fauvist art are a common theme in the Therapeutic Endeavor Archive, the strange and primal colors of that movement providing a powerful outlet for overwhelming, challenging emotion.

Dark Angel challenges the viewer with an image partaking of both beauty and grotesquerie. The subject has grown a wing, but rather than an angel’s wing, this appendage is sculpted from the same dark flesh of the subject, and like the subject’s distorted arm and neck, is as much of a deformity as an instrument of flight.

Given the religious connotation of the angel, particularly one with grotesque elements, the dark red background may take on a hellish tone. It is worth noting that the subject’s pose is not one of shame, or spiritual celebration, but of pride. Her hand is on her hip, she tosses her head. Angels are usually androgynous or male. One powerful female figure partakes of angelic, demonic, and human qualities, and hers is a story of pride and overcoming adversity: perhaps the subject of Dark Angel is Lilith, the rebellious first wife of Adam, and demon of the night-time wind?

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