Found 07/2010, Texas Thrift (South Flores in San Antonio)

This large piece, roughly 2.5′ wide, is inspired by the Color Field abstraction popularized in the 40s and perhaps influenced by 70s handcrafted art, particularly the graceful geometry of string art. The design is evocative of a regional flag, particularly the design of the Confederate Stainless Banner, although the subdued color palette mutes this effect, as do the echoes and afterimages of pull-tabs that ripple away from the primary design.

Aftermirage is built of fading echoes, negative images, delicate color gradients, and diminishing waves. The yellow and brown cross resembles the plucked string of a guitar, the sound fading into recent memory. The embroidered motes of yellow become the rings of phantom pull-tab lids, blurring immediately into the past. Actual pull-tab rings exist alone, a ring without a tab, echoed—if at all—by ghostly rings themselves. The yellow lines fade into the purple, its natural color compliment, but the echoes are a neutral white. The pale echoes recede into the quiet background, waves in time and space briefly raised in a still pond.

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