Pig Tangents

03-13SvrsSTangentofPig3Pig Tangents
Mnnm (?)
Found 03/2013, Savers (South Lamar near Ben White)

Influenced by early Cubist experiments with text and freeform collage, Pig Tangents suggests a collision between the organic and free-form idyllic concept of “farm” and the mechanized experience of modern farming, a far cry from the quaint little farm of Charlotte’s Web.

The image is strongly aligned along a literal X-Axis, with bold lines suggesting equations plotted on a grid; mathematical determinism forms the stronger elements of this page. The cold geometry is emphasized by the presentation of the piece, a wide expanse of mat board isolating the image and re-enforcing its rigid lines.

Compared to the strict order and color fields, the organic lines of the pig seems strangely out of place. His field of green graph paper suggests an enclosure or perhaps a small field, confining him and at once marginalizing him in the corner of the image and at the center of the Cartesian coordinate plane, at the point of origin, (0,0). While a complex geometry surrounds the subject of Pig Tangents, the organic world is still the focus around which the rest of Mnnm’s system extends.

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