Jesus the Warrior

sVRSn2-2-13Jesus3Jesus the Warrior
Found 02/2013, Savers (North Loop and Burnet)

A dark and somber interpretation of the Christ, wherein Jesus is depicted as emaciated, gaunt and unshaven. The idea of Jesus as a martial ruler is ancient, and has transformed the church over the centuries as the affirmation, Kurios Iesous (“Jesus is Lord”) merged with the politico-divine concept of the holy emperor (as happened in the reign of Ceasar in 27 BC). “Lord” carries with it the connotation of authority over the world. In the feudal Middle Ages, “lord” was a feudal military title, and it served the church and state to place Jesus at the top of the political hierarchy as a conquering king.

Jesus the Warrior captures the horror of this merger of church and state, depicting Jesus as a soldier—though not necessarily as a conqueror-king, but just as easily a member of a legion suffering starvation and disease on the front line. He is surrounded by his own iconography, the Chi Rho and fleur-de-lis and other symbols, on a canvas the color of old blood.

Simultaneously soldier, crusader, and king, and surrounded by the symbols of the church, in Jesus the Warrior Jesus faces the horrors of a war fought in his name.

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