Suffer The Children

1-1-13BlueJesus1Suffer The Children
Found 01/2013, Goodwill Blue Hanger (Burleson near 183 and Ben White)

The solid drapery and rough figure of the anonymous artist’s interpretation of Jesus plants him firmly in the real world, a creature of flesh and blood. In many ways the simplified lines of Suffer The Children resembles funerary art, the spare background of the piece accenting its similarity to marble sculpture, as if the piece was a relief carved for a child’s memorial. Above all else, the artist’s interpretation of Jesus is approachable. His divinity is suggested in the faintest of halos, a mere lightening of the darkness, and his physical deformities and 1973 Disco-era moustach suggest that he is a corporeal and flawed being, rather than a perfected avatar. The Jesus of Suffer The Children is a Jesus of this world.

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