Hey That’s My Boot!

Hey That’s My Boot!
Found 09/2011, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

thatsmyboot4In Hey That’s My Boot! the artist takes full advantage of a wide canvas to show limited our perspective is, the narrow wedge we experience of a much wider world. The human experience is limited to the upper third of the canvas, perhaps less than that, as a highly abstracted fisherman watches the water and boat carry his boot away. Beneath his perception, truly vast fish, decaying vessels, unknown depths and strange territories–perhaps an allegory of the subconscious mind, the thoughts we notice resting lightly in the shallows of our conscious.

thatsmyboot3Hey That’s My Boot! balances the deep-seated drive of the 1st and 2nd grade artist to fill a canvas as completely as possible with a strong grasp of narrative. While the image sprawls across the page, none of it is wasted detail. With a strong use of white space the artist gives a sense of the deep and unexplored nature of the sea, resisting the temptation to show the bottom of the sea floor or attempting to dazzle the viewer with a panoply of sea life. Very few sea creatures are shown, and those that are are in motion, moving with the same current that drags the fisherman’s boot into the unknown.

Larger version of “Boot”


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