Found 03/2012, Savers (North Loop and Burnet)

Inspired by the bold primary-color palettes of the Fauvist (“wild beast”) art movement, [Elephant] uses the Fauvist’s rich saturation to create an emotionally charged image; the powerful elephant consumes the tree, a powerful and unstoppable force.

While the elephant stands out starkly from the blue background of the color-field sky, its colors merge with those of the trees–rather than a gray elephant and green leaves, the elephant devours a tree the same color as itself, and the leaves are bursts of color, more resembling butterflies than a tree. The tusks of the elephant actually seem to merge with the tree itself, so that it almost appears to be exhaling the fluttering motes of color around him. Where does the elephant end and the tree begin? The two flow together organically, plant-eater and plant part of one larger whole.

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