And Thou

And Thou
Found 08/2011, Salvation Army (1435 near I35, Round Rock)

A curious element of And Thou, otherwise a piece strongly reminiscent of commercial design, is the gray eyes of the female subject. While otherwise a strong piece of commercial art, the bold hard vertical line of the wine bottle contrasting with with the organic line of the subject, the subject’s eyes create a sense of the alien and unknowable, a faint predatory note that gives the lie to the bold “pop” design of the picture.

Combined with the bold lips, enhanced with cosmetics, the wine bottle may become a tool of seduction—a bottle of red on a special night. We cannot know who is holding the bottle, and who, ultimately, is the subject of And Thou. Are we being offered a drink? Are we pouring one for a friend? And Thou creates a powerful sense of a suspended moment, a coin balanced on its edge.

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