Found 09/2010, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

BAM3The great insight of modern art in the 20th century is that the reality of a piece of art is not in how closely it represents its subject, but in the effect the art has on its audience. BAM! exemplifies this philosophy: while it is representative of a sunburst, or perhaps the heart of a pyrotechnic explosion, the excitement and joy the piece evokes is more central to its meaning. The representational elements only serve to give the piece a sense of motion and direction, rays streaming out, framing the trails of glitter, beads, and stars. The repeating elements of the piece (repeating stripes, layered circles, concentric rings of yellow) abstract the piece from its handmade roots, giving BAM! some of the clean and precise elements of a piece of computer-generated design. The mixed-media elements of the piece contrast with the clean lines, adding playful tension between cold design and youthful collage.

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