Found 07/2010, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

encrustedbox2bQE literally asks a question: what is the heart? Built of layers of found materials—beads, tiles, shells, a pecan, stones, jewelry. The arrangement of these materials is as important as the piece’s composition, the outermost layers broken tile and plastic beads, so much dross. As we journey inward, we meet a layer of natural materials—shells, pebbles, tumbled quarts, even a pecan.  The center of the piece is a piece of jewelry, a floral broach.

In the Romance Languages, the questioning words tend to begin with “Q”, a vestige of the proto-Indo-European word, “KwIS”, or “what”? “QE” invokes the word “Que”, or “what”—the missing “U” may allude to vowelless Hebrew, or to allude to the other questioning words, or simply to the difficulty of building a word in Scrabble. The eye is drawn to the familiar letters, and the viewer, perhaps subconsciously, turns to matters of the heart, to the artificiality of our constructed selves, and to what is, fundamentally, at the core of themselves.

EncrustedBox3The use of a piece of costume jewelry at the center of the piece may simply be the constraints of a piece of mixed media found art, but as much of the rest of QE explores the concept of artificiality and authenticity in its mix of organic and artificial materials, that the “keystone” of the piece evokes both origins—it is clearly artificial, yet has an organic shape. It also contrasts with the plastic beads on the outside, though, again, it is costume jewelry, even on its own a study in facades. Is the heart itself partly constructed, partly organic? Or do the layers of QE surround the only thing of true value? Each viewer must answer the questions of QE in their own solitude.

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