The Happiness Accumulator

The Happiness Accumulator
Found 08/2010, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

Happinessconcentrator3In the early years of the 20th century, psychoanalyst and alternative physicist Wilhelm Riech developed the orgone accumulator, a box of thin layers of wood and metal that could, according to Riech, concentrate the omnipresent living energy of the universe, using it to improve health, adjust weather patterns, and rid the earth of aliens. Modern science has not rescued Riech’s invention from the dustbin of pseudoscience, but the anonymous creator of The Happiness Accumulator, perhaps inspired by Riech, has created a potent device for capturing and amplifying ambient joy, concentrating it to such a degree that it may precipitate small flecks of glitter.

Happinessconcentrator2The technology here is sound: the Accumulator’s cheerful exterior (red with blue dots) draw in joy energy, and hanging crystals—”Rainbow Makers,” according to no less a happiness authority than Pollyanna herself—trap the free-floating energy. The effects of the infinite loop of mirrors reflecting mirrors capture joy particles, and like tiny imperfections in a wineglass lead to bubbles, the soft edges of the sunflower petals create a place for tiny crystals of happiness to form.

The Happiness Accumulator is the cornerstone of the Unironic Post-Postmodernism collection, the seed around which the concept built. Few pieces in the collection approach the undiluted energy of the Accumulator, and the standard has been set high for both the gallery and this nascent art movement.

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