Three Faces

Angel Defends the Lesbians from the Three Faces of Voldemort
Found 07/2010, Texas Thrift (Flores St, San Antonio)

AngelDefendsGoths4Three Faces presents a scene both terrifying and ambiguous: the combined forces of hell wage a terrible assault on two terrified women, likely lovers. Their eyes are hollow pits, and they cling together in the very small amount of light and space this vision allows. Over them, an angel uses its celestial powers to create a wall separating them from the horde of halfling devils that dance and tumble around them. Overhead, three demonic faces cackle and hiss—they are obviously the danger the angel fights against.

In a sense, though, the couple is not merely a pair of lesbian goths in fishnet. Through them, we are all lesbian goths in fishnet. The structure of the shelter they hide under suggests the classic children’s nativity scene—an arch with an angel at the keystone. Like the child messiah, the lesbian goths are both of the world and, metaphorically, the world itself, a meaning underscored by the earthy green and blue of the angel’s force field. Perhaps the world is our shelter against the forces of darkness, not, as is so often the case in the modern religious view, a darkness that we inevitably escape through death to rejoin the light.

AngelDefendsGoths3In discussions of this striking piece much discussion has been made of the fact that the lips and eyes of the Three-Faced Voldemort strongly resembles candy canes and cinnamons, and perhaps the entire piece is an allegorical interpretation of adopting a low-carb, low-sugar diet. This makes as much sense as anything else. Perhaps the tiny impish creatures are red hots.

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