You Psycho

You Psycho
Found 05/2010, Savers (North Loop and Burnet)

YouPsycho3An example of the Primal Scream manifested in graphic art. “You Psycho” begins with a bold design, five vivid┬áred strikes suggest a hand clawing across the canvas, drawing lines of blood against the black background. Against such a strong invocation of rage, any bolder color would clutter the image, it would be too full of dark energy. The artist’s decision to commit his anger to text in a subdued pink subtly casts “S” as the victim in this struggle, the passive and delicate pink color weak against the savage talons of the psycho in question (almost certainly an ex.)

YouPsycho4Within the marks of blood left by S’s antagonist, the artist makes a number of accusations: cold, empty, lost, devious, pig, liar, selfish, insecure. The antagonist’s own savagery damns him or her, drawing wounds filled with condemnation.

YouPsycho5One mystery of this piece is in the “O” of Psycho, a swirl of peach, a solid object in an image that otherwise rests uneasily on the canvas. The spiraling character of the terminal letter suggests a void; the unity of the circle suggests perhaps that it represents the self of the artist, resilient and unbroken against the former lover’s assault, the totality of “You Psycho” a defense of the artist’s ego.

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