The Director

The Director
Found 01/2013, Goodwill (Mcneil & 183)

TheDirector3Loosely modeled after a well-known photograph of writer/director Alfred Hitchcock, “The Director” offers a portrait of Hitchcock from an era of modern horror, informed by the grotesque excesses of the 80s’ love affair with revulsion, and of the soulless, hungry zombie, the 21st century’s monster of choice: the ultimate consumer, mindless, yet with an insatiable hunger for that which it lacks (Brains!)

In this portrait, Hitchcock is drawn into a later decade, beyond the subtle tension of his own genre and into the easier horror of today’s cinema. Casting Hitchcock himself in the gangrenous greens and grays of a zombie underlines the obvious: horror is dead, long live horror.

The splash of white paint across Mr. Hitchcock’s face and the eyes turned upward, rather than at the camera (as we saw in what is likely the original image) maybe a veiled reference to Hitchcock’s classic thriller, “The Birds.”

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