Dark Tree Dragon

Dark Tree Dragon
Found 08/2012, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

Strangedragon3Like the flag of some strange country devoted to burning its enemies to the ground and bonzai, Dark Tree Dragon salutes a place that we cannot see. The color palate—crimson and charcoal again, the hallmark colors of truly dark art—evoke a sultry and angry nationalism, black fields divided by a river of blood. The dragon itself seems to have just escaped from a heraldic device, shield with sunburst Or and Gules, too wild and strange to be constrained by the conceits of heraldry. Besides, no family would have such a creature on their coat of arms, the unholy union of beast and lightning-struck tree and madness.

Well, maybe Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, but they were really strange.

A creature that could never be against a flag that never was, with a shield that no family bore. Dark Tree Dragon may be a warning against the corrupting power of tribe and nation. What strange people, surely mad in every sense of the word, could birth a tree dragon? And what strange fruit is born from this tree?

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