Photo Credits

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Much of the backstory and “gallery” imagery has been borrowed from Flickr under Creative Commons licence. Here are links back to the original images, with thanks.

Architectural Imagery:
The exterior shots of the Museum are from Rowan Oak, Wiliam Faulkner’s house in Oxford, MS. Visit their website for a virtual tour of the building.


“Internal” images from Dayle House’s infinite and Tardis-like interior:

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Basha HS Art Show at the MuCullough-Prince House in Chandler, AZ on May 14, 2010.11400554785_5e21fba821_m16063620547_00bcc8d8ce_m15814800565_3e1dcff3d3_m4120420946_12fe738c3a_m16815430927_6ff2f56c0d_mChurchGalleryShotSmall6156222009_2a0630c758_m5570745189_ffaa74e393_mMaymont - Dooley Mansion, the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries

Miscellaneous and page furniture:
3963692038_60760ba999_m8929536320_b801909f00_mOur United Villages Wooden tablePink Crushed Velvet Texture by ParéeWide white table5890040379_7380a1595f_m