Our Mission and Vision

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impressionhouse2The Austin Museum of Nearly New and Thrift Art of Austin is a non-profitable celebration of reclaimed outsider art ostensibly located in Austin’s scenic Tarrytown lakeside district. We are devoted to the humane catch-and-neuter of the feral cats of Austin’s art world, the second hand art bubbling up within Austin’s thrift and vintage community like methane from a peat bog.

Our Mission:

To reclaim the cast-off creative vision of Austin and showcase the discarded art and stories otherwise lost to Austin’s landfills.

Our Vision:

TAMONNATAOA is a unique fictional artspace that captures the creative energy and passion of art that is not simply outsider, but actively exiled: A home for homeless art, a gallery of pictures that have been unhung. We believe that donated and second-hand art reflects a creative world that cannot be sold.

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