(Strange Dance)

0615GWMetAlienb(Strange Dance)
Found 06/2015, Goodwill (Metric and 183)

(Strange Dance) is infused with a powerful sense of motion, although the exact nature of said movement, or the creature in motion, is ambiguous. If one assumes a positive intent, this creature, only arms and legs, is caught in mid-grand jeté, leaping into dance. A darker interpretation of the creature’s movements may be that it is predatory, in a pose of attack. Either may be possible.

Initially, our curator interpreted the subject of this piece as some sort of alien creature, gray of skin and strange of limb. The sparkling, glittery finish and the ethereal background both support this interpretation. However,  the creature may be an abstracted female human form in a heroic and action-oriented pose, only its head missing, suggesting the anonymization and dehumanization of women, even when they are powerful creatures.

We would invite additional interpretations, but traditionally have stored (Strange Dance) behind the boiler. Given that, its state of preservation is, unfortunately, remarkable.

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