Found 10/2013, Goodwill (2222 and Lamar)

Few pieces have had quite as long a journey to the Shed 13 collection as (Skulls). Initially the picture was purchased as a piece for the Von Buda Gallery of the Night, as it seemed to compliment the tone of strained evil set by the previous curator of the collection. It seemed to lack the dark earnestness of the rest of the Von Buda collection, and was briefly incorporated into the Room 306 collection of high school art.

Few members of the Museum’s staff or board wield the level of control over our content as the night cleaning crew, our unofficial and underpaid curators. Over several months (Skulls) was moved from its position beside Unicorn IV to a less conspicuous display space behind one of the fixtures in the south gallery’s men’s room. Rather than engage in yet another protracted discussion of artistic merit, our curator transferred (Skulls) to the more occasional Shed 13.

A rich, saturated color palate, strong horizontal flow, and smudged, soot-like black shadows suggest some sort of vast corral for the strange, necrotic/alien inhabitants of the artist’s vision. While these three loom in the foreground, they are restrained by barbed wire and fence, and a legion of these creatures recede into the background.

The smokey texture of the black shading and the prison-like environment created in (Skulls) may suggest the horror of a World War II concentration camp, handled with the grace and subtlety of a heavy metal album cover. The notes of robin’s egg blue in the far-away sky are a strange irony, a bright and cheerful escape from this grim world.

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